5 Oldest Churches in the World

5 Oldest Churches in the World

Churches are one of the buildings that tend to be built grandly and luxuriously, so they often become religious and historical tourist destinations. There are quite a few church buildings that are thousands of years old, you know, Avians. Even though it is considered very old, this building still stands very strong according to stpeterspaisley.

1. Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, Ethiopia

Did Avians know that Ethiopia was one of the parts of the world that first adopted Christianity. It is not surprising that one of the oldest churches in the world is in Ethiopia. The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Aksum is believed to be the oldest church in Ethiopia.

This church, which is believed to date from the 4th century AD, has been renovated several times so the original structure is unknown. This church is still functioning today, Avians.

2. Basilica of San Lorenzo, Milan

The next oldest church building is in Milan. The Basilica of San Lorenzo was completed in 364 AD and at the time of its construction, it was the largest construction project in the western world.

The Basilica of San Lorenzo turned out to be the inspiration for the Hagia Sophia building, you know, Avians. Until now, this church is still functioning and Avians can see some of the original features in this church.

3. Trier Cathedral, Germany

Trier Cathedral was originally built on a Roman site and began construction in 340 AD. This cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Germany.

Previously, inside this church there was an artifact known as the robe that Jesus wore shortly before his crucifixion. However, this robe was last shown in 2012 and has not been shown until now.

4. Mar Sarkas, Syria

Mar Sarkas is thought to have been built before 325 AD. This makes Mar Sarkas one of the oldest monasteries in Syria and in the world.

Avians who want to visit Mar Sarkas don’t need to worry because some of the nuns here can speak English and can help visitors on a short tour around this church. Mar Sarkas is also often used as a venue for several festivals, you know, Avians.

5. St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is not only famous in the Vatican, but also throughout the world. This church, which was completed in 360 AD, is home to several famous works of art, one of which is Michelangelo’s work, namely the Pieta.

St. Peter’s Basilica was rebuilt in the 16th century, but Avians can still find several original features of St. Peter’s Basilica, one of which is the Tomb of St. Peter.

These are the oldest churches in the world and still function as churches today. This church certainly has an interesting history to find out. Of the churches above, which church do you want to visit?

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